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Choose from a range of therapeutic modalities that respect your unique journey – set in a beautiful, calming therapy room, or in restful outdoor surrounds. This ensures that you receive the support you need in a way that resonates with you.

Root-Cause Therapy

Root-cause Therapy (RCT) is the process of uncovering the underlying sources of your emotional and psychological challenges. Unlike traditional therapies that may focus solely on surface-level symptoms, I am trained and experienced in working to identify the very root of these issues, promoting lasting healing and personal growth.

The Paddock Talk therapy room is the perfect space for guiding you through a profound journey of self-discovery. By creating a safe and empathetic environment, we encourage you to explore past experiences, traumas, and belief systems that might be contributing to your current struggles.

Through this process, you’ll gain valuable insights into your patterns and develop the tools needed to foster positive change. My goal is to empower you to break free from recurring cycles and cultivate a healthier, more authentic way of living. Embark on this journey with me and pave the way for a brighter, more fulfilled future.

Learn more about the Root-Cause Therapy process.

Emotion Code

Emotion Code is a holistic healing technique rooted in the principles of energy medicine. Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, it revolves around the idea that trapped emotional energies from past experiences can disrupt the body’s natural energy flow and lead to physical and emotional imbalances.

Paddock Talk offers Emotion Code as part of Holistic Counselling. It can also be included within Root-Cause Therapy. Emotion Code can be combined with counselling, and can be done in the presence of horses in the paddock. These sessions encompass various aspects, including setting intentions, maintaining focus, employing Kinesiology muscle testing, identifying trapped
emotions, and facilitating their release.

The Emotion Code technique involves identifying specific emotions linked to past events and using various methods, such as a magnet or intention, to release the trapped energy. By clearing these emotional blockages, proponents of Emotion Code Healing believe that individuals can experience improved emotional well-being, reduced physical ailments, and a greater sense of overall balance and harmony.

Learn more about the Emotion Code process.

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy
& Learning

I honour the individual, having unique wants and needs. All clients will be offered individual programs especially designed for them. I believe everyone can benefit from time with horses and in nature. Requirements could range from simply finding your calm, to finding motivation, confidence, building social skills and becoming more inspired. No prior knowledge or experience
with horses is required.

Why horses?

  • Horses provide support with no judgement, where we can explore ourselves and our feelings.
  • When we touch into those difficult parts of ourselves, the horses are naturally drawn to us with unconditional acceptance.
  • Horses mirror our behaviour and are attuned to our emotion.
  • Working alongside horses can provide a safe space to explore relationships and attachments.
  • Horses are highly intuitive, sensitive and strong animals and are oriented towards connection and relationship.
  • Horses are highly perceptive and can pick up on subtle changes in humans and their environment and react to these changes. They then provide feedback to us through their behaviour, helping us increase our own self-awareness.

Integration Of Therapy And Horses

  • Communicating with another being without words can help us slow down and tune into the needs of another and open up learning about ourselves.
  • We learn and heal by experience. We can project what is going on in our lives in a physical way, not just by talking.

Preparing for your session

Depending on your choice of session, we may be sitting in the paddock with the horses connecting with them at liberty, walking around the paddock with the horses, talking or observing, learning or we may even be grooming them. The session can look different for everyone depending on the needs of the person on the day. The horses can have different emotions on
each given day just like us, so we always check in with the horses to see if they feel like participating with us. I have a herd of 7 horses so generally at least one of them is very happy with some attention.

For Room-based Therapy we may view the horses on our way into the therapy room, or even have a pat along the way. It is up to you and what you feel comfortable with at the time.

If you are coming for a combination of Equine-Assisted Therapy and Room-based Therapy, you may like to consider dressing for the climate outside and the climate indoors. We have air conditioning in our therapy room.

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