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Root-Cause Therapy

Root-Cause Therapy is the process of uncovering the underlying sources of your emotional and psychological challenges. This promotes lasting healing and personal growth.


Emotion Code

Emotion Code is a holistic healing technique rooted in the principles of energy medicine. Emotion Code can be combined with counselling, and can be done in the presence of horses in the paddock.


Psychotherapy & Learning

Horses in nature bring powerful therapeutic benefits. We honour the
individual, and design bespoke progams for an individual’s presenting issues. This could range from finding your calm, motivation, confidence, or building social skills.

About Josie

Welcome to Paddock Talk, I’m Josie. I uniquely combine Root-Cause Therapy and Emotion Code sessions with Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy to bring you deep, lasting transformation and emotional relief – be it for anxiety, depression, in relationships, daily habits or deep self-understanding.

An experienced holistic healer, I have trained as an Equine-Assisted Psychotherapist with The Equine Psychotherapy Institute, and at the Centre For Healing to become a Root-Cause Therapist. I am also a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, and a Crisis Support Worker for Lifeline Direct Victoria.

I have completed a diploma in Counselling, with many years of experience helping people live happy and more fulfilling lives. I have also trained and worked as a Mental Health support worker which enabled me to understand the need for extra support for people suffering from mental illness.

From my earliest years I can remember having had an affinity with horses and being aware of their powerful healing influence. This led to my dream to bring together the magic of horses with my learned and natural ability to help people live their best lives.

Through holistic healing I help my clients with emotional support, nervous system regulation and motivation. My clients experience lasting emotional relief, particularly from anxiety and depression, become more aware of themselves, their patterns and their perspectives, enabling a more empowered life. I am a guide to walk beside you in your healing journey. I’m excited to connect with you and be a part of your transformation.

Meet our horses


Benjamin, Ben, Benny Boy, Benji is very loving, he loves people, he loves to be part of any action going on. He is a curious horse and thrives on interaction.


Bonnie is a gentle, soft natured girl. She is strong, confident and graceful, along with incredible intuition.


Henry is a sweet boy, sometimes shy, very patient and has such a kind vibe.


Bella blossoms with patience and compassion. Once assured of safety, she becomes a loving companion, cherishing every moment together.


Polly is kind, full of spirit and loves to come up and say hello. Polly loves to be around people.


Jet is the most gentle and wise old soul. Our senior horse. Aka the king. He loves affection.


Sunny boy – it was love at first sight for this beautiful boy, our own ray of sunshine.

Frequently asked questions

Q. I am frightened of horses, can I still benefit from EAP and EAL?
A. Yes. If you don’t feel comfortable being close to the horses, you can still benefit from the natural environment and an “over the fence” session.

We provide horse psycho-education and explore the beauty of living in the here and now, as horses do. We teach nervous system regulation along with talk therapy. Experiential learning can still be achieved through the many experiences in nature that we offer.

Q. What if the weather is not suitable for outdoors, will my session still go ahead?
A. Yes. We have an undercover area where we can still interact with the horses, experiment with activities and explore talk therapy.

Q. Can my friends come and watch?
A. Consideration of bystanders will be based on a case by case situation. At Paddock Talk, we believe in prioritising the best outcome for our clients and our horses.

Q. Can we ride the horses?
A. No riding is offered at Paddock Talk. Unmounted sessions only.

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